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Frequently asked questions to Major21

Do you have a question? Chances are you are not alone. Check the frequently asked questions below to see if we can answer your question here.

About Major21 products

Our meal shakes have their own distinct flavour, that is hard to describe. Think about products like Redbull; you immediately know what you drink but it is hard to describe what it tastes like. This is also the case for our meal shakes. Therefore, we would like for you to try it out yourself! We have conducted many taste tests with several people that have given us many feedback on improving the flavour of our meal shakes. By adapting to this feedback over and over again, we have created a product that we are very proud of and we are sure that it is likeable for many people.

For the flavouring of our shakes, we also only use natural ingredients. We try to stay away from artificial sweeteners (e.g. maltodextrin) because we believe that they can in no way benefit our body. Instead, we use all natural flavours, that are orgainated from natual sources. 

Our products are 100% vegetarian. We used milk products to add 

calcium, protein and vitamin B12. We are currently creating a blend that is 100% plant-based too. So, in case you would like a fully vegan version of our meal shake, stay tuned!

The Major21 meal shakes are extremely easy to prepare. Just add the content of one Major21 meal shake package into a shaker, blender or sealed cup and add X ml of water or (plant-based) milk. Close the lid and blend it up for a couple of seconds. Voila, your meal shake is ready within a split second. Now enjoy it!

The shake is based on a RDI profile. (Recommended daily intake). Our proportions are adapted to offer the right amount of nutrients that are adviced from the latest European standards. 

Does this include  everything you need?  No… Every human has differents needs.  So, what is the solution?  Personalised Nutrition. Soon we are releasing a new formula what can be used to calculate your real needs!  Stay tuned! 

Many companies focus on macro nutrients and add this with a vitaminblend/mix.  However, Science shows that an avarage meal contains 5000 to 10.000 more elements. Therefor, the health council advices to use real ingredients, like fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, etc.  So our blend is designed to include the essential nutrients you need based on real ingredients. 

Most meal shake sellers use a mixture of artificial vitamin supplements, some wheat products and sweeteners. According to us, this is not similar to a healthy meal. Major21 products exist of real fruits & vegatables.  We believe the power of nature, therefore we use real & clean ingredients.

Pre-ordering policy

We are working hard to deliver your pre-ordered product(s) as fast as we can. Because we are just starting, we do not yet own all of the needed equipment ourselves. Therefore, 5000 units need to be pre-ordered before we are able to produce your shake. As soon as we reach this amount, we will start making your meal shake and send it to you as soon as it is finished. Of course, we will update you regularly on the status of your order.

Yes. In case we will not be able to deliver your pre-ordered products, we will refund 100% of your purchase. In this way, there is no risk for you as a customer. 

Was your question still not answered?

Did you come across something that is unclear to you? Perhaps it is answered in our FAQ already. In case your question was not yet answered, please contact us. We are happy to help!

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